Rae Lakes Loop August 2016 – Day 0

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I flew into LA to meet up with Mindy and Evyn on Thursday night, and we were hoping to get to King’s Canyon at a reasonable hour on Friday.  I had brought lots of gear and was responsible for all of our food, so we would need to do some shuffling when we got to King’s Canyon to even things out.

We got a later start than expected on our way out of LA, and I did lots of the driving on the highway portion of our trip.  After a stop at REI for a Buff for me (I always lose my buffs) and a Hydroflask for Mindy (long story), we got to the entrance of King’s Canyon around 4 PM.  As soon as you enter the park, you really quickly run into Grant Grove, which we spent a few minutes exploring.  The tree is HUGE!

After checking out Grant Grove, Evyn drove us up and down the windy road to our first come, first serve campsite for the night in the Cedar Grove area.  These sites were about 4,600 feet above sea level and about an hour from the Grant Grove.  We stayed in the Sentinel Campground surrounded by trees way bigger than what I’m used to in Wisconsin.

We chowed down on some tasty ramen with lots of dehydrated fixings and realized that we were low on fuel.  Mindy had what we thought was a 1/2 used large fuel canister and a new little one, but after we made dinner, we realized that the half used one was now actually empty!  We made a plan to hit up the store nearby in the morning and grab a new fuel canister so we’d have enough.

We put all of our stuff in the bear box and went to bed early, ready for an exciting first day of hiking.  I took a dose of Diamox as well.  Diamox is a medication that is used to speed up acclimatization, and as a flatlander, I was concerned that I would have some problems being so high up.

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